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Pablo Queipo de Llano

Composer and Musicologist

Gabinetto Armonico | Agencia de ConciertosPablo Queipo de Llano (1971) is a self-taught neobaroque composer. His activity as a composer arose as a result of his extensive dedication to Baroque music, first as a student of the harpsichord, organ and basso continuo at the Professional Conservatory of Madrid, and later as a musicologist specializing in Italian Baroque music in general, but specifically in the work of Antonio Vivaldi. Amongst its various works devoted to the author of L’estro armonico it is worth highlighting the first Vivaldi monograph in Spanish (El furor del Prete Rosso, La música instrumental de Antonio Vivaldi, Antonio Machado Libros-Fundación Scherzo, 2005) as well as the reconstruction of the five incomplete concertos from the manuscript collection La Cetra (1728). These and other reconstructions of various Vivaldi’s works have been performed by a number of orchestras on authentic instruments and published by the labels Enchiriadis, Brilliant and Sony (Deutsche Harmonia Mundi), receiving great praise and recognition from both public and specialized critics.

The musical work by Pablo Queipo de Llano takes up the legacy of the late Baroque period (1700-1750 circa) to cultivate and develop it by means of the rigorous use of the techniques for composing in that era. Author of 40 fugues, Pablo Queipo de Llano is one of the four composers participating in the online educational project Fugue Forum (included in the Gardane digital platform) which aimed to teaching and spreading the form of the Fugue and its composing technique. He is member of Vox Sæculorum, International Society for Contemporary Composers which is dedicated to the recreation of Baroque music and the vindication of tonality as a current and valid language in Contemporary Musical Art. His works have been premiered in Austria, Spain and Italy. In 2011 he published his first CD -25 fugues for 4 voices- with the Ensemble Fisarchi in the Enchiriadis label, recording that has received both national and international critical acclaim (including the distinction "Excellent" of the magazine Ritmo).




Pablo Queipo de Llano
Conciertos, Sinfonías y Fugas para cuerda y bajo continuo. Ensemble Guidantus.

ablo Queipo de Llano
Fuga Turca [Fuga XII per Archi e Bc.] Op. II n.5.3, in mi minore.
Ensemble Guidantus. Violino solista I: Marco Pedrona. Violino solista II: Francesca Coppelli.

Pablo Queipo de Llano
Fuga de Hércules (Fuga XXXX) per Archi e Bc, in sol minore, Allegro marziale.

Pablo Queipo de Llano
Fuga de Sísifo (Fuga XXXVIII) per Archi e Bc, in fa maggiore, Allegro.

Pablo Queipo de Llano
Fuga de Ulises (Fuga XXXV) per Archi e Bc, in mi minore, Allegro.